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I considered doing just a 'book' review but I read two of her books this week and they are part of a larger series I don't think I've (sadly) taken the time to review as of yet.  So, consider this like a book review on steroids. :)

I met Angie Fox in Columbus, Ohio during the Romantic Times con about a year ago.  I was waiting in line for someone else (sorry!) and she saw my jewelry.  She liked it so much we made a deal: I'd make her a copy and she'd send me a signed copy of her first book.  It was a rather even trade actually.  I also picked up My Zombie Valentine which is a collection of short stories about - you guessed it - love and zombies. (Not necessarily zombie lovin'.  Don't be afraid.) 

A short time later I sent her the jewelry and I got my book:  The Accidental Demon Slayer.  I read it in a day.  Then the next day I went out and bought the second: The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers.  Again, read it in a day.  Fast forward a few months and I began keeping my eye out for her next book....  But I got my hands on them and this week devoured: A Tale of Two Demon Slayers and The Last of the Demon Slayers (which was my favorite).

To the story!!  I'll give you the blurb for the first book from Amazon b/c it sums it up pretty well:

Prim and proper preschool teacher Lizzie Brown is on the verge of her thirtieth birthday when her hitherto unknown grandmother shows up, quickly followed by a demon erupting out of her toilet who Lizzie surprisingly manages to blast into “a million flecks of light.” Raised by distant adoptive parents, Lizzie had no idea that she was born to be a demon slayer. Her granny, a biker who communes with spirits in a metal lawn shed, then takes her to join her coven of senior biker witches who will help her defeat the demons who want to kill Lizzie before she can go after them. Along the way, Lizzie meets sexy shape-shifter Dimitri Kallinkikos, a sometime griffin who claims to be her protector but may have a hidden agenda that will take her straight to hell.

There is alot of comedy in the books.  Little things (and some big) that keep you snickering while you move along the story.  They are well-paced, have good solid action, and often take a surprising turn.

But what I love most is Lizzie.  Angie explores the two warring sides of Lizzie: the uptight, list making, scheduled preschool teacher vs. the danger seeking, confident, ninja star slinging demon slayer.  She does take advangage fo the comedic side of these things but there is also the subtle dig into her psyche as she learns that she doesn't have to choose one side over the other, she can still have a bit of her old personality.  Her life radically changes but her core being is still there.  This also comes into play with her love life... but I don't want to give anything away. 

I've really enjoyed Angie's books.  Her main character kind of reminds me of Linda Robertson's main character Persephone from the Arcane Circle series - someone who you'd want to be friends with, who always pushes themselves to find the answer, but isn't afraid to ask for help.  I truly invest in Lizzie and so ride the tensions in the book with her very closely.  This last book really had me.  It was pretty awesome.

I hate going too far into detail and giving everything away so needless to say, I highly recommend this series.  If you like Katie McAllister's Aisling series, Dakota Cassidy's Accidental series, Linda Robertson's Arcane Circle series, then you will probably like this one.  (These are all also other series I highly recommend!!)  Let me know if you've read it or pick it up!! :)


mtlawson at 2011-03-03 04:32 (UTC) (Link)
Okay, this brings up the inevitable question: is the series UF or Romance?
mela_lyn at 2011-03-05 01:29 (UTC) (Link)
Both, of course. It's very comedic UF with a healthy does of romance. I crack up through the entire thing. And you being the sensitive guy type would totally get all the jokes. :)
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